Short Reed Goose Call

Imitate the language of Canada and Specklebelly geese with our Goose Calls. All of our Goose Calls are made from high quality stabilized wood. The Goose Calls are hand turned on a lathe and are unique one of a kind items. The calls are easy to use and fun to blow. The goose calls have a classic feel and produce realistic sound. Our goose calls look great on any hunters lanyard and will last a lifetime.

The long reed Canada goose call is a simple to use beginner goose call. Imitating a standard goose honk these goose calls don’t require any back pressure and can easily blown by the kids or novice hunters to add sound to you decoy spread.

Goose Call

The short reed Canada goose call will allow you to blow different notes and speak the language of the Canada Goose. Start by learning to blow a simple honk or moan and progress up to comeback calls and feeding or clucking sounds.

The specklebelly goose call is also another goose call you will want on your lanyard. The sound it reproduces is the distinctive yodel that specklybellies make.

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