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Five years ago, I wanted a blind that was quick to set up, was easy to transport, could be covered with straw or grass to blend into the field and allowed my dog to be close to me. I came up with a design modeled after a willow blind. I added hatch doors on top as we found the geese would spook when they flew overhead and were able to see down into the blind.

I have heard from many hunters over the years that are frustrated with layout blinds. Shooting from a seated position is uncomfortable and awkward. In a layout blind they are unable to shoot to the side or the rear. With this design, you can hold the dog’s collar if they tend to break before the shot is called and you can observe the birds coming in from all directions.

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  • Set the goose blind up in 2 minutes
  • dog door allows you to keep the dogs close and in control
  • Quick hatch for overhead concealment
  • Complete 360 view and shooting
  • Roomy, easily holds 2 men and dogs
  • Lays flat in the back of a pickup truck
  • Shooters stand for accurate shooting


Goose BlindGoose Blind

Goose Blind






How To cover the blind: